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Scouting is an affordable way of providing a range of exciting and adventurous activities for your child.

In a 2010 survey, 75% of parents said Scouting provided the best value for money compared to other extra-curricular activities like sports and martial arts groups, youth clubs and drama or music classes.

The cost of sending your child to Scouting varies depending on the group but is generally around £3-4 per week. This fee covers regular weekly activities and meetings,
the insurance for our scouting activities, hire of the building and a membership fee we pay to our headquarters which helps to cover  the cost of all the training, all the software and the other buildings we use in the area.

In addition, the parents and leaders are expected to purchase the uniform for their children and pay for external activities, such as activities at our camp sites and visits where charges are involved. We will try and subsidise this as much as possible.

All our volunteers are doing this for free. They see the benefits for the young people and the positive effect it has on the community.

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Scouting costs
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